CLOWNFALL. The fall of Boris Johnson, as seen from Dubai.

Boris is tottering as I leave home. Clownfall has finally commenced. He has been been lured in front of the Liaison Committee by being told that he would get shafted. While he is there, I assume, a van has driven into Downing Street to start to remove his furniture. Boris, of course, is a manContinue reading “CLOWNFALL. The fall of Boris Johnson, as seen from Dubai.”

Glastonbury Diary

GLASTONBURY DIARY “You going to Glastonbury?” I’ve been faced with this question pretty much every year for the last thirty years and my answer has always been always the same. “God no…I’d rather eat my own excrement.” I’m just not the camping type. I’m not into big crowds and have never been overly keen onContinue reading “Glastonbury Diary”

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